Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Essence Aromatique

New Fragrances by: Sanja Pekic Bottega Veneta from 2011 and Bottega Veneta Pour Homme from 2013 introduced a selected luxurious leather-based signature scent that resembles leather-based equipment of the house. Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatic, the refreshing variation from 2014, is meant for the...

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Denim news

Orlando Bloom in 3×1 M5 Raw Denim Jeans

Orlando Bloom was seen at a gas station filling up the tank of his BMW and topping up his oil before driving in Malibu, California. Orlando wore his 3×1 M5 Raw Denim Jeans with a navy/burgundy/purple cardigan and his burgundy sneakers. I didn’t notice before, but Orlando has some custom embroidery...

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(A)DD: Legend-Defying, Detangling Moist Brush!

Talking of my insane hair, everybody I’d ever spoken to about hair care – together with an 85 yr previous woman in Walgreens who was sporting a bathe cap – by no means brush your hair when it’s moist! However now, at 30, I’ve discovered that there’s a minimum of one brush that defies that alleged c...

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